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We love both winter and water sports and we’ve been loving them for over 25 years. Everyday we continually enjoy working with both top athletes and leading sport brands from

all over the world.

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Product Development Made Easy

Hydrofoil Project

The latest trend across watersports, Hydrofoil design and manufacture creates many complex design, prototype and serial production challenges. Combining Extrusion forming, CNC milling and Composite moulding techniques allowed us to design and produce a highly competitive foil suitable for multi-sports at a very competitive price point.

From project to effect

How we work?

We plan and implement bespoke solutions including:

3D Split Concave Mould

Split Concave

More rail grip and more control.


This innovative shape flows through the central section of the board increasing rail grip and improving efficiency,channelling the water to where it’s needed the most.

New ideas and technologies

What we do?

we provide allocated solutions for all technical and engineering aspects

we enhance current product lines and develop ongoing technologies for our clients

we create complex yet clear brand images – from concept through specific sales plans 

we prove our products through extreme testing in all conditions


People and competences

project and finance management

branding, 2D

and 3D graphics

3d projects, rendering and photography

management of laminate production

Our team members are experts in many fields: 

We are close-knit, well integrated team. Process engineers, designers and developers – an energetic mix of knowledge, experience and characters. We share a desire to pursue goals of excellence and explore the unexplored. We seek solutions that we can take pride in both nationally and internationally

Sode Lab is a full-service design and production company. We provide a wide range of services from concept and product prototypes right through to branding, 3D rendering, 360 media, graphic design and final complexed sales strategies containing arranged supplier registers and legal product protection.


Over 15 years of experience has created a highly developed knowledge in both technology and marketing. We produce real world solutions to attain goals greater than the sum of all parts. We believe in working together from the basics leading to the creation of consistent, coherent products.


We specialize in sport equipment product design, conceptualization, development and realization.

With our energetic mix of knowledge and experience we are able to offer our clients unique solutions designed and produced to the best of your criteria.

We constantly seek new solutions refusing to be defined by the traditional processes. As precursors of innovation, we provide access to high-tech machinery for rapid prototyping using modern methods of production with the ability to follow progress in real-time at each and every stage of the project.

rapid 3D


injection molding


machine park

CNC equipment

technological facility

Solid backgound

kiteboard designer, double Kiteboarding world champion

lean production technology and management

Information technology and dedicated solutions 

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financial support for projects