Deep socket

mast box improves both the stiffness and strength of the plate/mast junction


is precision milled in aviation grade aluminium to remove un-neccesary material whilst maintaining strength

Minimalist design

Hard anodised for long term protection and durability


Quick-Lok montage allows for simple and easy attachment to the board with removing fixing bolts


Internally recessed mast box dramatically increases mast-to-fuselage stiffness

Optimised profile for minimum drag and maximum stiffness. Integrated connection box increases Wing/Fuselage rigidity

Compression moulded composite wing is light, stiff and amazingly accurately formed.

Extruded alu mast profile for amazing strength to weight ratio, anodized for long lasting durability and protection.

Available in 40, 60, 90 and 105cm lengths

Packaging and Protection

Designed for full protection of all parts whilst maintaining a volume-centric layout to reduce transport costs


We designed multiple options to offer our clients differing budget and functionality solutions


Full set of day-to-day covers provide travel protection with minimal fuss or dismantling needed


Computer Aided Design and CNC shaped for consistent and reliable production

Highly tuned design minimises drag and weight whilst maintaining outstanding stiffness

Integrated vertical stabiliser decreases yaw and increases vertical stabiliser rigidity

Medium Aspect, medium rake wing design for fantastic early starting, carving and stability when learning

Composite Wings

Compression moulded composites allow

for high accuracy and lightweight production

Inverted profile enhances pitch stability and reduces drag caused by larger wings

Low aspect Delta Design provides low speed pitch control and increases carving performance


vertical stabiliser

decreases unwanted yaw and increases horizontal stabiliser rigidity